The very essence of CMC is embodied in our name, Coalesce, which literally means ‘to come together as one’.


Established in 2016, we have achieved significant growth as a business by developing bespoke, high-value solutions delivered through our ever-expanding community of experts across our global STEM markets.


Our entire operating model is designed around providing amazing solutions that enable our clients to maximise the potential within their own organisation. Through authentic collaboration, we develop a deep understanding of the needs of our clients and provide high-value connections.


Our Purpose


True Expertise Delivered


It is a declaration of our commitment to our entire Coalesce family, including our employees, consultancy partners, clients, and the wider global community within which we operate. Excellence through true expertise assures unrivalled end-to-end quality delivery.


Our Vision


To be the best service-driven consulting group delivering true expertise into global STEM markets.


Our Vision reflects our passion to be the very best made possible through our unique global Coalesce community of unrivalled STEM experts.


Our Values


Our company values reflect and embody what CMC is all about. They are the guiding principles of how we operate as a business to achieve our purpose, vision and strategic growth ambitions:







Our commitment to empowering others is reflected in our consciously inclusive internal culture and by our CSR activities.


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