Inclusion is the essence of Coalesce, which literally means to come together as one – regardless of any differences. Coalesce CMC are proud of our track record as a diverse and inclusive employer. A genuine meritocracy, we believe every employee should have the same opportunity and access to progress, and we recognise our responsibility to take meaningful action to ensure that is the reality for all our employees.


As Founding Partner signatories of the Diversity and Inclusion Charter in August 2020, we have published a clear and committed pledge to ensure we continue to evolve and improve in providing a truly inclusive working environment and culture. Our pledge made in August 2020:

We recognise the importance of understanding how employees really experience our company culture, to ensure that we are not only a diverse but also an inclusive place to work for all employees. To that end, we will conduct an internal Diversity and Inclusion Reality Check to gauge and benchmark how inclusive we are. Results will be used to develop a Coalesce Inclusion Charter and Agenda of relevant actions and events to address any identified gaps and to ensure we continue to embed inclusive practices within our culture and operations. We will also engage an external specialist to deliver conscious and unconscious bias training in 2020, which we will embed into our on-boarding training.

To ensure Coalesce provides not only a diverse but also genuinely inclusive workplace and culture for all employees we run a number of internal initiatives, including:


We champion Diverse and Inclusive hiring internally, and support clients own Diversity ambitions.

Our internal cultural survey helps us understand our working culture.

Employee diversity benchmarking and reporting helps us understand how diverse and inclusive we are and informs new actions.

Inclusion Advocates represent their offices in a companywide programme to provide insights that guide our internal D&I policy.

Coalesce, Inclusion Charter, ensures we recognise significant inclusion events and dates that are important and relevant to our employees and sectors

Externally led Diversity and Inclusion training.
CMC ASCEND; internal women’s network dedicated to connect and support women across all our offices; provide networking opportunities with senior role models both within the business and externally; attract, retain and progress female talent.

We encourage organisations across our Coalesce network to be the change they want to see in the world and commit to taking action by signing the Diversity and Inclusion Charter here.