Our Net Promoter Score

Here at Coalesce Management Consulting, we are very proud of our excellent NPS score of 67.


What is a Net Promoter Score?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a single, easy-to-understand metric that predicts overall company growth and customer lifetime value, that was created by Bain & Company to help companies measure and manage customer loyalty.

Bain & Co define any NPS score above 0 as “good”, on the basis that the customer base is more loyal than not. Anything above 20 is considered “favourable”, above 50 is “excellent”, and above 80 is “world-class”.

Our fantastic NPS score is a credit to the professionalism and dedication of our community of experts, and their high value-add contribution they deliver to our clients. It is also an endorsement of our industry-leading services and solutions, our relationship-led approach, and our adept operating agility and flexibility in creating and delivering bespoke solutions that truly meet the needs of our clients.

How NPS helps CMC to deliver continuous improvement and excellent service quality

Every CMC client is invited to complete an NPS survey, every time we complete a project for them, meaning our NPS score is legitimate and fully representative of our entire client base. What is more, to encourage participation rates, for every completed client survey we receive, we plant a tree with our partners One Tree Planted as part of our wider environmental-impact commitments.

At CMC, we use NPS to hold ourselves accountable to the high standards we commit ourselves to in our comprehensive internal Service Charter. NPS provide invaluable quality assurance to our clients, who know they can trust our specialist STEM knowledge, advice and recommendations. We make a sustainable, quantifiable difference to our clients’ business success by consistently meeting our commitments and through our reliable delivery of innovative services and solution, which is why we have such a high proportion of ‘promoters’ who consistently confirm that they would recommend our services in the NPS survey process.

Coalesce Management Consulting services are different, not only because we really do create bespoke solutions to meet client’s specific needs, but also because of our unique commitment to never swap or replace our on-site project consultants for someone with lesser experience unless requested to do so. We remain dedicated to delivering the same industry-leading quality of service from start to finish of every client engagement and project.

Our company purpose, True Expertise Delivered is much more than a tag line or soundbite, it is a genuine service commitment to service excellence and unrivalled end-to-end quality delivery.
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