BIM Offshore Case Study

Coalesce were brought on to support the massive BIM Offshore Wind Farm project in Vietnam - a $155 million development with a total capacity of 88MW and a fully operational production of 327 GWH/year - enough to power 50,000 homes per year. 

The project operates on a huge scale but it was running behind schedule, in part due to Covid-19 restrictions. Coalesce were hired to support the project by placing our consultants in vital roles across the project. We brought in experts to act as HSE, installation leads, a site manager and commissioning technical advisors. 


By that stage the project had already been delayed for 83 days. We needed to provide consultants who could manage those roles, communicate with the existing teams and find solutions that would allow them to make up for the lost time. 

We’re proud to say that the consultants we brought in demonstrated excellent value to the client - finding the most efficient ways to manage the various different aspects of the project and getting the existing workforce in line to ultimately catch up and successfully meet the Commercial Operation Date. 


We were so successful that when the client found themselves with an urgent requirement for installation technicians and another installation lead, our team was their first call. And once again we were to work with the tightened Covid-19 measures to bring in a team of 10 expert consultants from South Africa who had the relevant expertise for the project needs. 

Coalesce work with some of the best industry experts in the world. Our global network of consultants bring experience from successful commissioning and installation of wind, solar and hydro projects. When you’re faced with an unprecedented challenge, a gap in your workflow or a delay to your development, we can quickly deliver consultants with the knowledge and skills to get you back on track. Contact our specialist teams today to learn more. 


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