Heli-One Case Study

Our client, Heli-one, is a Norway-based helicopter maintenance firm who had taken on a mechanical design contract with the Norwegian ministry of defence. Being a specialist contract, they required very skilled, very experienced engineers to run the project and there are very few people with those specific requirements available. Making matters worse was that this project was taking place at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns. 


Having worked with Coalesce before, they knew that we could operate on niche jobs like this. When they couldn’t find anyone with the right skills themselves, they came to us. 

The project certainly was a challenge, but our global consultants include specialists who could deliver this project - we just had to get them on-site. Our leading mechanical design aerospace engineers for this job were based in the UK. Heli-One said they were happy to use international talent - they’d done so for other jobs in the past - but hadn’t considered looking beyond Norway in this case due to the challenges of the pandemic. With it being a military contract though, these engineers were designated as key workers, which meant we were able to bring our consultants across. 

This was still an unusually complicated task though. We had two consultants who the client had approved, on the basis that we would arrange all the requirements of getting them there. That meant dealing with process documents and visas as well as arranging travel requirements, covid tests and 10 days hotel quarantine. Of course this was a new area for us as well, but we had the trust of the client to manage it all and we soon had our engineers quarantining in a hotel near the airport where they’d be working. We even helped reduce the downtime by arranging for laptops to be dropped outside the door of their hotel so they could begin to work remotely while quarantining! 

Both consultants were soon able to be fully on-site where they helped the client fulfil their contract on time. Not only did they deliver that contract, Heli-One have since reached out to us again to request both contractors to manage two other projects - something we’ve been happy to fulfil. 

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