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We are pleased to announce that Richard Grogan has been appointed Director at Coalesce Management Consulting. 

As a founding member of Coalesce’s expansion into the UK, US and EU, Richard has been instrumental in the growth of the business over the last few years, taking us to the point where we deliver consultancy services to some of the largest enterprise clients in the world. 

He has been steadily building up a strong leadership team within his department over the last year, supporting them with an infrastructure that encourages further opportunities and growth both for our associates and for the larger business. 

Adam Standley, Managing Director, says: 

“This was one of the easiest promotion decisions I’ve ever had the pleasure to make because to say he deserves it is an understatement.”

“He’s also the definition of a Team Player - he’s not just in this for himself, he’s in it for the clients, the consultants, his team and EVERYONE in the process. He takes the ultimate responsibility to ensure he truly understands the jobs of everyone in our business. He’s respectful and has a keen eye for detail - he gets the job done.”

“Coalesce would not be where it is today without Rich. His commercial acumen is second to none, and there’s not a single person here who would disagree with me when I say this man is part of the fabric of our business.”

Congratulations to Richard on his promotion to Director!

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