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As we enter 2022, change remains the one constant in process manufacturing. As with any change, challenges don’t fall too far behind - especially when it comes to hiring processes. 

Over the next decade, it’s predicted the demand for manufacturing positions could reach as high as 3.5 million. So for businesses operating in this industry, reliable, accessible expertise is about to become a scarce resource.

But why is this the case? We’re delving into the key challenges and specialist requirements that we’re seeing from working with some of the most successful process manufacturing companies in the world to offer insights into what you should look out for. You’ll also discover how Coalesce Management Consulting’s fresh solutions can help your business overcome these pain points. 

Impact of the Pandemic

By now, you’ve probably had enough of the references towards the coronavirus pandemic. But we can’t deny that, like most industries, COVID-19 has been detrimental to operations within the process industry. 

National lockdowns, enforced restrictions, and variations of the furlough scheme have all contributed to the sector's challenges. As a result, global manufacturing businesses have been forced to reduce staff, cut costs and in some cases, close altogether. Yet, as the world edges out of the pandemic, over 500,000 manufacturing-related vacancies remain unfilled, but why? 

Well, in truth, there’s no one straight answer to this. One contributing factor is that some individuals who were let go or furloughed during the pandemic opted for a career change. In many cases, a career change allowed them to work from home - something not all process manufacturing roles can offer. 

Another is the influx of multiple projects starting up at the same time, all demanding specialist care from leaders in niche areas. Add in lengthy hiring processes and you’ve got a stalled enterprise that can’t get back to its production pace. 

To adapt, businesses need to look for alternatives than relying on full-time staff for their future process manufacturing projects. Coalesce Management Consulting offers a fresh approach, supporting businesses with expert consultants who have the skills and knowledge needed to get your project off the ground - and the commitment to follow it through to the end. Our flexible service puts reliable experts on hand for you when you need them, no matter the complexity, location or scale of your manufacturing operations.

Increase in AI and Automation

Digital transformation will continue to rise in process manufacturing over the coming years. AI and automation will enhance decision making, quality control, consistency and uptime of the work within the sector. 

But integrating this into your processes can be challenging, and current worker can be reluctant to adapt through lack of technical knowledge or fear of being made obsolete. This can be contradictory to the long-term benefits for everyone. Increased efficiencies and qualities create greater chance for business growth, driving new opportunities and future-proofind organisations. Having knowledgeable, experienced consultants in place, leading the teams to integrate these technologies can be invaluable in consolidating the long-term benefits of AI and Automation.

You only have to refer to the 2015 study by Deloitte. Their findings showed that technology had created more opportunities over the preceding 144 years than it had destroyed. People within process manufacturing need to understand that an increase in AI and Automation won’t eliminate roles within the industry. Instead, the types of roles and skillsets will change and adapt to the digital world.

Skills Gap

As mentioned, the demand for manufacturing positions could reach as high as 3.5 million over the next decade. What’s more, 2 million of these vacancies are predicted to go unfilled due to a skills gap within the sector. 

Throughout 2022 and beyond, the sector will continue to utilise technology to improve production processes across the supply chain. This will mean a shift in process manufacturing job types and skillsets. 

Today, many organisations have either paused their upskill training and development schemes or have invested in developing innovative technology. As a result, the skills gap within the process industry has widened. Therefore, the challenge of finding people with the skills to succeed in these new roles has become more prevalent than ever.

You may have already highlighted this problem when thinking about your current or future projects. Fortunately, our experts at Coalesce Management Consulting offer a high-value consultancy service to support you. Our experts already have the necessary and transferable skills to help shape your next project.

Overcome your process challenges with CMC

CMC’s extensive work within advanced engineering covers significant projects within the process industry. We cater to any field you operate in, from chemicals, steel, speciality chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverages. 

In response to the pandemic and other challenges, we have worked closely with businesses throughout the sector to help them adapt their processes to the current climate. Our expert consultants identify the best solutions and help you integrate them into your current operations, helping you reach your goals and grow your business.

Get in touch today and discover how our bespoke process manufacturing solutions can meet the demands of your next project.