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Welcome to the Semiconductor Social the monthly feature that gives you a round-up of all the latest stories from across USA's  Semiconductor industry, brought to you by Connor Evans, Principal Consultant at Coalesce Management Consulting. 

Watch the video below or read on to learn everything you need to know about developments in SoC, ASIC and full-chip design from the last month. 

Micron's Mega-Fab

This month’s top story is the announcement that Micron will build a $100bn mega fab in central New York. 

The new fabrication facility will supply cutting-edge memory and create 50,000 New York Jobs. It will be the equivalent of 40 US football fields and will be the largest fabrication facility in the history of the United States.

The Mega Fab is part of Micron's strategy to increase make DRAM 40% of the company’s output over the next decade. Micron President Sanjay Mehrotra said:

“The New York mega fab will deliver benefits beyond the semiconductor industry by strengthening U.S. technology as well as economic and national security and driving American innovations for decades to come.”

Sherman, Texas - Home of Semiconductor Manufacturing

Our second story comes from Sherman Texas. Over the past decade, Sherman has landed two billion-dollar projects that will cement its place as a semiconductor manufacturing hub. Global Wafer is building a $5 billion silicon wafer plant, and Texas Interments is investing $30 billion in a complex that will build the chips themselves to cement its place in the high-tech future.

Intel Announces Commercial Quantum Computing

The final story today comes from Intel who are paving their way into Quantum Computing. 

Intel claims to have achieved a milestone in efforts to produce silicon spin qubit devices using existing manufacturing processes a move in which they think might pace the way for large-scale quantum computing and a step towards being able to scale up to the thousands or millions of qubits that will be required for commercial quantum computers. 

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