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Welcome to the Semiconductor Social: the monthly feature that gives you a round-up of all the latest stories on the USA's Semiconductor Industry from the experts in SoC, ASIC and full-chip design management.

Watch the video below with Senior Consultant Connor Evans to learn everything you need to know from August in under 3 minutes. Or read on for all our top stories from the last month. 



This month’s top story follows on from something we reported on last month, regarding the passage of the CHIPS Act. The result of this act has seen the formation of a new partnership between QUALCOMM and GlobalFoundries.

Qualcomm has agreed to spend $7.4 billion on semiconductor chips from GlobalFoundries. The agreement will lead to the production of new chips for use in 5G, Wi-Fi, automotive and IoT.

Thomas Caulfield, president and CEO of GF said:

"The collaboration will deliver differentiation and innovation in mobile and IoT space".

Micron's $40 billion memory chip facilities

Our second story comes from Micron technology who will spend $40 billion on new manufacturing chip facilities to focus on US Memory plants. 

Micron expects to begin producing chips after 2025 and said it will create as many as 40,000 new jobs.

Sanjay Mehrotra, Micron CEO, said:

"Currently less than one in 50 memory chips in the world are produced in the US, and with Micron's new commitment to memory plants, this will enable us to produce one in 10 chips of global memory consumption in the US". 

SK Hynix looking for new US Site

The final story today comes from South Korea's, SK Hynix, which is looking to select a new US site for its advanced chip packaging plant.

The plant is estimated to cost several billion and would ramp up mass production by 2026. It's expected to employ over 1,000 workers. 

The new facility will be expected to package SK Hynix's memory chips with logic chips designed by other US companies.

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