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Coalesce Management Consulting provides expert support services and turnkey solutions to our clients across Aerospace, Defence and Aviation. Our specialist engineers are deployed across numerous locations in the UK, supporting our clients to develop effective innovative strategies, expand your technical capabilities, reduce costs, and deliver complex projects that meet and exceed your goals and give you a competitive edge in the industry.

We understand the nuances of continuous and fast-paced transformation our clients face with market disruption, budget restrictions, increasing production costs, fluctuating fuel prices and unpredictable government spending. We work closely with our clients, really getting to know your business, your challenges and your needs. Utilising our expertise, we create and deliver bespoke, adaptive solutions that deliver transformation, efficiencies and project success for your business. You can be confident that we will deliver the results you need – on time and on budget.  We are passionate about helping UK Aerospace, Aviation & Defence clients fulfil your growth potential and enhance your global reputation.

Our engineers are experts in their field and take pride in their work to deliver the best service for you. Our in-house engineers operate across the full project life cycle and can be deployed onto a project quickly and efficiently. Our engineers are not only true sector experts, but also have a wealth of knowledge of all relevant standards and expectations.

We have an outstanding track record of mobilising expert personnel for time-critical projects, as reflected by our world-class Net Promoter Scores. Our teams of engineers can hit the ground running on any project, and are always up to scratch with the latest technology and systems, adding valuable insights and sharing best practise that develop clients’ own workforce, processes and operations.

Our engineers cover the full product life-cycle, from concept through to delivery and can be rapidly deployed to suit our client needs on a time and materials basis, project basis or work package basis. Our capability spreads across aircraft, radar, anti-jam technology, naval ships, satellites and electronic warfare.

Due to the safety-critical nature of our clients’ Aerospace, Aviation and Defence projects, we understand the importance of matching the appropriate technical experts to your project to deliver the very best service for you. All our engineers the latest security clearance is never a hurdle in the process and if needs be can pick up military projects as well as commercial aerospace and aviation programmes.

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