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Coalesce Management Consulting has a strong track record of successfully delivering multi-discipline projects and process improvements within the Life Sciences sector. We have a proven track record of helping our clients to design, develop, and implement innovative, efficient, and cost-effective business strategies and programs.

Our deep understanding of the context, challenges and trends affecting the Life Science industry equips us to help our clients response to rapidly-changing market drivers and disruptors, ever-increasing pressure on margins in response to the rise of generic products as patents expire, increasing security and licensing requirements, growing competition, digital advancements, evolving consumer behaviours, and new business models.  Our solutions and experienced project consultants ensure you can deliver more, keep pace with digital advancements, accelerate discovery, reduce costs, maximise manufacturing productivity, increase sales, market share, and profitability.

As an industry leader in providing Mission Critical Projects, we help our life sciences clients to review, define and execute their investment and growth strategies. Through comprehensive analysis and insights,  we identify and design the best solutions for your organisation. We get to know your specific needs, history, goals and ambitions.

We always meet with our clients before, during and after every scope of work, because we know each client site is unique.  Our relationship-led approach enhances our ability to rapidly and fully meet your requirements in the shortest amount of time, working with you to optimize your operations, finances, and organisational processes across the life sciences value chain.

Our extensive Coalesce community of expert Life Sciences consultants are industry leaders in their specialisms, with years of experience within Life Science, Medical Device, Nutritional and Diagnostics. Our service specialisms include; Commissioning, Qualification and Validation, Engineering, Program and Project Management, Process and Manufacturing Technologies, Automation and Computer Systems Validation, Quality Compliance and Regulatory, Operational Support, and Learning and Development. They have been carefully sourced, sifted, and screened by our in house technical management-consultants. They are primed and ready to help you successfully achieve your project goals and business ambitions.

You can be confident you will always receive the same industry-leading quality of service, as evidenced by our world-class Net Promoter Scores, so contact us today to find out how our life sciences services and solutions can help your business.